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Read reviews below of our rental communities in Lexington KY.

Belmont Run

“So far I’ve lived here for 6 months and I love my space. The living room is so spacious, the kitchen updated, and the neighbors peaceful. I also like that you have to have codes to get in the buildings. The only negatives I can really think of are that the walls stain easily…l dropped a cup of water and the water marks are still on the wall. I love the pool area and work out room they have! Overall, I would recommend this apartment!” – Apartments.com, 4 stars

“I love my apartment. There is nothing I would change. I like the size. I’m the first person to live in my unit since the entire complex has been under new management and remolded. Our maintenance staff is efficient, and the ladies in our office are always friendly.” – Apartments, 4 stars

“My girlfriend and I lived here in a 1 bedroom apartment for a year and a half. We originally signed a 1 year lease, but the management allowed us to sign a new half-year lease without raising our rate above what other tenants were paying. This understanding basically sums up the management as a whole: no nonsense, understanding, and friendly. In our time living here, we only ever had to complain one time. They handled our issue within three days, and it probably would’ve been quicker were it not for the weekend. Mike, the maintenance guy, is cool as hell. If I could relocate him to each and every apartment I moved to, I would. In terms of space, these are comparable to the 1 bedrooms in the area. If you need proximity to the UK Campus or downtown, and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, these are about as spacious as they come. In fact, the square footage estimate seems low. They are deceptively spacious. We never dealt with noise issues. Parking is ample, which is great given Lexington’s reputation. The complex is a good mixture of students and families. I believe that many students bike to campus, but we both walked without issue. This is a sleepier/quieter community, unlike the student housing places closer to campus. I loved that. You may not. Pool is nice, and rarely busy save for some Saturdays in very early and very late summer. The gym is small, and often crowded. But you’re probably not picking Belmont for its luxury amenities. If you want an affordable apartment with good appliances, fairly new cabinets and flooring, and great location, this is your place.” – Apartment Ratings.com, 5 stars

Continental Square Apartments

“Safe, secure place to live that’s close to everything.  Continental Square Apartments is a great place to be when you want to be close to everything. Fifteen minutes from downtown Lexington, you’re close enough to go to anything without being caught up in the high rent, constant noise issues that being downtown can bring. There is great security here with the police making a strong presence here. The management staff goes out of their way to solve any problems, treat you like family and friends. I love this place. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” – Apartments.com, 5 stars

“They are wonderful. From the start of the application they were amazing. they were very helpful and attentive. They were very easy to talk to and always returned calls. They made the move in process fast and easy. The property is very well kept and maintained on a weekly basis. They will work with you as long as you work with them. The maintenance has came out within a 24 hr. period and fixed what was needed. Overall I am happy living here and my children are in a safe quiet environment.” – Apartments.com, 5 stars

“If you look @ the reviews they are from a couple of years awell as hard working famliesgo. Time for an update, The buildings are old (1963 or so) but they are constantly being taken care of, all you have to do is ask. The maintenance staff are respectful & courteous. The management staff are both understanding & efficient. At one time, maybe there was “unscrupulous” people living here, but no more. With have college kids as neighbors, as well as hard working families. They also have a security man patrolling everynight. Any disturbance is taken care of immediately. I feel very safe living here.” – ApartmentRatings.com, 4 stars

Cove Lake Village Apartments

“The staff here is impressive! I have just moved in and had several issues with my apt., both the office personel and maitanence were right on the problems.” – Apartments.com

“I lived here approximately 2 years. Over all it is a very good place to live. Some time dryers do not work properly but never caused issue as you can use another dryer. Pool is good. New construction for gym was going on when I left. I really enjoyed living here. It is a peaceful place to live with no worry.” – Google Review, 4 stars

Gatehouse Apartments

“Only been here a month and seems fine nice place to live i will report back in a few months. All utilities included in rent so u have one bill, nice neighbors. They gave me a hard time moving in on having paperwork showing my back ground but that tells me that they just dont let any scally wag move in.” – Google Review, 4 stars

“Feels like home… If I had to live here the rest of my life, I wouldn’t mind it. Quiet, spacious, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, reasonable rent. There’s a nice park to walk in nearby, close to the beltway of the city. Maintenance and staff are top notch – same day repairs are not uncommon, and the managers and employees are professional and courteous 100% of the time. Grills are available, a basketball hoop, and many other amenities are also here. Large visitor parking lot, plenty of tenant parking and the spaces are wide. This is the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in by far. Highly recommended.” – Apartments.com, 5 stars

“This is a quiet complex. Ample of space in my apartment and I can park my car in front of my building. Ample parking space for visitors or my second car. There is no amenities but is all inclusive except for cable and internet. I had not used the maintenance service but they were great when I moved-in, the apartment looked like new. If you are looking for grills and pools this is not your place. But, if you want to enjoy a quite place around tons of trees this is your new place!” – Apartments.com, 5 stars

Limestone Square

“I currently live here- sophomore at UK. I moved in with one of my friends and someone we met online through a roommate finder program. That’s one downside to the complex- they won’t match roommates for you. If you try to lease a 3-bedroom, you must have 3 occupants, or compensate for the price of the unoccupied room. The staff is extremely helpful. The office is almost always open when I need it to be, and everything is fairly straight forward as far as applying. They pay heat, water, AC; everything except internet. My rent seems reasonable. The apartments themselves are actually fairly well kept up- I only had any complaints about the condition of the balcony, which I never go out on anyway. Upsides: 1) Across the street from campus. It’s amazing for getting to classes on time. I don’t own a car, so for me this was necessary. 2) Behind Speedway. If you need any food last-minute, but don’t want to drive to the store, it’s extremely convenient. 3) They give you opportunities to reduce rent through having your apartment be a “show” apartment. 4) Very forgiving with late payments (or so I’ve heard). 5) Allowed to paint the walls, and they provide you with the original wall color paint so you can just paint over your work when you move out. 6) Generally med school housing, so not too many loud parties go on.” – Google Review, 4 stars

“I currently live here and it is a convenient walk to class everyday. This apartment complex is filled with students related to healthcare so there are no loud parties. The manager is very friendly and I have never had a problem with her. The overall apartments are small but rent is cheap (all utilities included).” – Google Review, 4 stars.

The Studios at Belmont (previously known as Omni Place)

“I have lived here for three months and so far it’s being a great place. It is in a good location, close to the university. I just bike and it takes me 9 minutes to get on campus. The studio apartment is comfortable enough, I have a furnished one and it’s very convenient. It has a dinning table, two chairs and two single beds. Patty the manger is very nice and they managing stuff are always letting us know if they will do a renovation or something that sort. The complex is very quiet, I sleep and study without any bother. Totally recommend it.” – Google Review, 5 stars

“I lived there for a couple of years… Utilities were included in the rent which was nice, there was a decent number of washers but only 4 dryers and usually 1 was perpetually broken, which was a little annoying. But the neighborhood was nice and quiet, I never had any major issues living there and it’s really close to downtown and places to eat and stuff.” – Google Review, 4 stars

“I have only lived here for a month but I love my apartment. I stay to myself and I work nights so I can’t say much about the other tenants because I only see them in passing but they seem friendly.For a studio you would think it’d be hard to live in but there is a lot of cabinet space and a decent sized closet. My apartment is the first of a lot of expected renovation and they did a wonderful job. It is very inviting and peaceful here. No wild parties or loud blaring music. For this to be an apartment complex and so close together you barely hear anyone else from your apartment. The office staff always answers calls and concerns. I’ve had only one issue and it was with my shower it was handled that day. Over all for the location and price this is the place to be.” – Google Review, 5 stars

“I think this place is great and wonderful place to live for the price. The rent includes all utilities except cable and internet which isn’t that bad at all to pay for. The bathroom is a decent size and the closet is a bit small but can fit your wardrobe and other items. Parking isn’t really an issue at all and there are plenty of spaces for everyone to park. The building is locked every night which makes it safe to live. The space is adequate enough to have bedroom furniture and live nicely.” – ApartmentRatings.com, 3 stars

“For the price (all utilities included), the apartments are great. The room is a little bit larger than a dorm room, plus there is great closet space, bathroom space, and a lot of storage (corner storage and storage under the bed). Outside doors all locked at night, so you feel very safe! Management is very courteous.” – Apartment Ratings, 4 stars