About CP

1999 Richmond RoadCowgill Properties, Inc. is an apartment management, development company whose roots date back to the 60’s when founder and President Norwood Cowgill, Jr., at the age of 20, rented out some of his father’s units to UK students.  That experience was the cornerstone to purchasing, redeveloping, and managing communities and serving tens of thousands of residents in the central Kentucky area.

Today, the company manages over a thousand apartments covering eight communities in Lexington in the conventional and student housing markets. This history and size allows us to operate with maximum efficiency and provide tremendous value to our residents’ rental dollars.  

Corporate Structure 


Norwood Cowgill Jr., President


Mike Harris, Vice President/Director of Development
Email: mharris@cowgillproperties.com


Kim Baughman, Vice President/Capital Projects
Email: kbaughman@cowgillproperties.com


Angela Hurst, Regional Manager
Email: ahurst@cowgillproperties.com


Cristi Hawkins, Accountant
Email: chawkins@cowgillproperties.com


Jeff Abney, Director of Maintenance
Email: jabney@cowgillproperties.com


Kathy Hydorn, Administrative Assistant
Email: khydorn@cowgillproperties.com